Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Big boy's party

Last Sunday was Buddha's birthday party.  I suck and really didn't take pictures (it was way too hot to move).  Luckily one of my friends took some pictures for me on her phone.  Here are some pictures of Buddha trying to blow out the candles.  Initially when Daddy was tyring to light the candles, Buddha blew them out but when he finally got all of them lit he wouldn't do it.

Buddha's thought (ohhhh grass, I want to get down and roll around)
Buddha's thoughts (What are you doing?  Why are you making your cheeks puffy and trying to blow air at my cake!)
Buddha's thought (ohhh cake, why are we not eating it!?!?!?!  Why is it on fire? I guess I should blow out the candles, I want some cake)

I got two large bags of long balloons for balloon animals.  This resulted in almost all the adults (mainly the dad's) blowing up the balloons and trying to make shapes.  I thought the Other Half was about the passed out.  Each balloon created, one popped.

 All of "mommy's" friends sitting, eating, and talking while the kids were running around
He passed out..even tried poking him in the cheek (no response).  I gave up after awhile and just pinched him (he is so SQUISHY)

Last week, Diva's bunk bed arrived and Buddha learned to climb up. 

Short video of him climbing down

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