Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Birthday my little Buddha

My little BUDDHA is 2
(really yesterday he turned 2 at around 2 pm)

I got him a cake but the stinking kid would not sit still for a pic.  I never saw a kit so excited when he saw this one.

He had his 2 year old check...want to guess what his growth is measured at?
(Answers below)

You will notice, this kid hates pants.


 He also likes wearing our shoes (him wearing mine)

Diva had to get in there with my other pair.  Again no pants (nudist :D)

His Growth Chart
Height: from 14% to 19%
Weight: from 44% to 76% (BUDDHA)

He is about 30lbs while his 4 1/2 sister is 32 lbs......SQUISHY!

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