Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sometimes it is just not worth it

A conversation today with one of my friends questioned if somethings are just worth it.
Here is the conversation for your entertainment:

My Friend:  That's it
no more lean cuisines
I got my amazon GC
that took a LONG time
me:  damn and wait did soemone else steal on of your lean cuisine
and amazon gc?
My Friend:  haha, no, there are codes on the boxes and if you collect enough you can cash it in for a gc, I finally had enough points for a gc
me:  ?
My Friend:  the lean cuisine boxes
me:  omg
My Friend:  yeah
me:  that is why you have been eating the damn things
My Friend:  lol
me:  omg
no comment
My Friend:  well, part that and part because they're cheap
me:  how much is the GC?
My Friend:  it's sad.....only $15
me:  and how many did you have to eat to get to 15?
My Friend:  lol
i don't know....a lot
me:  truthfully
how many?
My Friend:  let's see....
so so so so sad
about 80
me:  hahahahahahahahahahaahhhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahha
My Friend:  lol
me:  for a 15 dollar gift card
My Friend:  whatever, it was convenient. for $15 they got brand loyalty
which is like 18 cents a box
for picking that box instead of another brand
it's done.
me:  you know what amazes me, you saving all of the codes
so how long did this take you?
wait lets do the math on this one
My Friend:  oh a really long time
i think i started several years ago
i don't buy lean cuisines often
just when I don't feel like
so...more so recently
 me:  if you ate it everyday 80/5 days aweek = 16 weeks
My Friend:  right
4 months
a third of a year
me:  man how is your sodium
My Friend:  lol
i also drink a TON of water though
but you have a valid point
now i have to start cooking.
me:  just saying b/c most likely it is at least 500 mg of salt
My Friend:  yeah, but stuff you cook yourself isn't that much lower in sodium
i dump a bunch of soy into all my stir fries
me:  that is your fault
My Friend:  that and fish sauce
me:  i get the low sodium salt
My Friend:  and actual salt
me:  ewwwww
My Friend:  well, i don't mean in the stir fry
me:  i don't even use both soy and fish sauce
My Friend:  i'm just saying in general
i use all those things
me:  SICK i tell you
My Friend:  lollike you're any better
if there's no salt in it, it has no flavor!
me:  what
i use salt
just sparingly
My Friend:  ha
me:  what I do
My Friend:  you used to eat spam for god's sake
spam is like a semi-meaty salt block
My Friend:  lol
me:  what there is one like that
me:  no wonder you always have to go to the have to drink enough water to balance out the canister of salt you inhaled in a dang lean cuisine

My Friend: so, now that you got me paranoid about this
 me ?
 My Friend:  i was hungry, so I went to the vending machine for a snack
i thought I'd be good and get sun chips instead of something really greasy
and guess what.
320mg of sodium.
 me u got nothign/
go to 7-11 and get fruit
 My Friend:  fruit is full of sugar!
nothing is safe!
and I hate celery
so, i'm going say that if a small pizza has double the sodium of a small bag of chips, then i'd rather have the pizza!
 me exactly..choices but don't eat something that says it is healthy and obviously is not