Monday, May 20, 2013

The Grandparents adventures

I love having my parents living with us.  The best part is some of the interesting stories I would be sent while I'm at work.  Here are a few I haven't had the chance to share:

 The Ghetto Stroller
The Grandparents didn't have a stroller with them and Buddha is heavy.  This is their workaround:

The grandparents let them loose on this thing.  The funny part, Buddha was too short so he put one foot on top of another hoping he could reach the pedels (I guess he was successful)


 We went to the petting zoo with G.  Buddha has no fear especially with animals.

BTW he pulled one of the goats tails

Diva is extremely bossy and she make a little bed and asked G to sleep the say way she was.  See picture below:
G refused...her reason:
It is like sleeping in a coffin

Speaking of coffins
My parents and the kids went to a funeral (I couldn't because of work).  I guess Buddha was running around the cemetery and as soon as the the casket was going to be lowered, he stopped running and walked up to the casket.  He put his hand on it like the priest did.  When the priest kneeled down, he did the same thing next to the priest.  GP thought he was going to jump into the hole while G through he was going to look into the casket. 

Today's story:
Over the weekend, my parents said there was a rat in the garage.  A large rat.  Of course The other Half questioned them. 
On Friday
The other Half: are you sure it is not a possum?
GP: no it is a rat, a very large rat
The other half decided to lure out the rat by using a sticky pad and a cookie.  We started laughing because we figured the rat was smarter than him and would just take the cookie.  On Sat, we cleaned out the garage hoping the rat will go away.  In the process of cleaning, want to guess who found the trap?  Buddha (I think he wanted the cookie) and The other Half.  The rat wins this battle.  We thought it ran away until I got a text this morning stating:
Buddha saw the rat he wants to grab it and he get mad to my aunt cause she tries to hid it
Translation: he saw it, tried to get it but my aunt blocked him. 
The next message I got:
Yes, in the Garage cause we will go to get Cinnabon in the mall
Translation: We saw it in the garage as we were on the way to the mall for cinnabon (maybe?)

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