Friday, January 31, 2014

Santa is Dead - and some of our Christmas pictures

Christmas at my house was entertaining

My parents left for Philippines on the 18th right be fore Christmas but right before left left Grandpa became an instigator.  Diva has been grounded from a week from TV and IPad for talking back and not listening.  When Grandpa turned on the TV  it was the Disney channel.  The other half walked in and she looked at him like she got caught.  Instead of scolding her himself, he told on her to me.  When I got home, I questioned her and Grandpa knew they got caught.  I threaten to unhook the satellite dish to ground both of them.  Then Diva turned to her dad and told him, "you turned on me" and walked away.  

After The grandparents life, I tried to threaten her that Santa won't bring you gifts.  Her response:

"Mom, there is no Santa.  The mail man brings the gifts"
I asked the The other half if we should put the gifts outside under the mailbox.  We didn't do it, we were way too lazy to bring everything outside.  

On christmas Eve, one of my friends invited us over.  We played a game called - lets make a human Christmas Tree.  Buddha was really confused by the game and Diva had way too much fun.  

For Christmas, we got the kids a bigger gift - BIKES!  Too bad Diva should be riding Buddhas and Buddha would rather use his feet to go.

Here comes the other gifts.  I got the Other Half a Salt glass made of salt and a fanny pack so he would lose stuff anymore when he rode his bike.

I even found a way to make Buddha - Buddha proof.

Diva's 2013 Dec Recital

I am finally catching up on editing pictures and creating posts.  This is from Diva's December recital.  She played piano and violin (I apologize for the screeching)