Monday, March 31, 2014

Buddha is a strange one :D

Over the weekend, I went to San Fran with the girls.  I had to get some toys for the kids.  I found a punching glove attached to a stick.  I am that mother who gets weapons for my kids :D  

Here are some pics of Buddha acting strange.  Top left: Buddha wearing his sisters boots while we wait for her at the hula studio.  He is eating cookies on top of the hood of my car.  Bottom Left: Eating puff pastry with some whipped cream.  Top Right: He applied some of my make by himself. Middle Right: Another makeup pic.  Bottom Right: Buddha trying to wink.

This weekend was fun, we had a play date with some of my friends.  While the kids were playing outside, Buddha would take off his pants and diaper, then run inside to get a new diaper.  This happened about 3 times.  I wonder how many diapers I will find in the back yard.  

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It is all about DIVA


Happy Hump day.  I needed some entertainment today.  
This is a pic from last December and the videos were from this last weekend.

Julia dancing thinikling in her school's cultural show.

And her teaching papa karate

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The kids new bed

J/K but this is how I found them after work one day.  Eating a biscuit, chicken nuggets, and a mango under one of our trees.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Flying Diva

I'm trying to catch up on the photos I have been wanted to post since November :D

Here is one of Diva during winter break.  I am waiting for this child to break an arm.

This is the affect of having Gak for 1/2 a day and it took 1/2 an hour in the shower getting it all out without chopping her hair.

It is Monday! Buddha has the right idea

This is the best representation how I feel right now!  I want be doing this right now.

He could sleep anyway :D