Monday, October 21, 2013

Diva is now a hot dog stand Mascot

To get ready for Halloween, I have been trying to find a costume for me.  I thought it was an adult costume and it was a one size fits all.  Well, I didn't realized it was a one size fits all for a child.  So I won't be wearing it but it looks like DIVA loves it.  I may try to get her a job as a hot dog restaurant mascot.

Mine and Diva's Hula Recital

Over the weekend, Diva and I were in a dance recital (yes I dance :D).  As part of getting ready for the show, our hair had to be big.  Mine, not a big deal but Diva is a bit tough.  I had to braid her hair the night before.

Order of show :D
**Update I uploaded the videos from the photographer.  So much better the "other half"**
Diva in "Sophisticated Hula"
Me in "All my Life" 
See if you could find me :D

Diva in "E Lei Ka Lei Lei"

Me in "A Ho'e o To'u Nuna'a"
Diva waving goodbye
Me in "Praise him Island Style"
 Roll call (our pics are somewhere in there) 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Trying to get The Other Half be a Villian

Background: Diva's birthday is coming up and she wants a Superhero party.  I am trying to get the Other Half to be a Villian.  

To the Other half
Me: Look Look
Do you want to be this for Diva's Bday?
so the "superheros" could attack you ;D
Holiday Inspirations Men's Big Foot Costume, , hi-res
The other half:  no
me:  please
I won't bug you for other stuff for the party

I send this conversation to one of my friends

Friend:  That's hilarious
especially since he's short
so it'll be all wrinkly and scrunched up on him
Me:  hahaha
 Friend:  the littlest big foot
 me:  he said no
 Friend:  boo
but I still have the image in my head
 me:  haha
i need an evil character for the kids to attack
 Sent at 11:10 AM on Friday
 Friend:  hmm
do they have Godzilla?
 me:  no idea
 Friend:  hmm
or that freaky kid from Incredibles
mega boy
or something
you can have The Other Half dress as him
he was short...and it involves TIGHTS!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mommy is so Mean

Background information:
We were waiting inline to go to Boiling crab (if you don't know, you must experience).  I came prepared with toys for Buddha to play with in line.  I got a little rubber Caterpillar  I thought he would like it.  I was so wrong.  Here is his reaction:

Later that day, Buddha went to take a nap.  I gave the caterpillar to his sister.  As soon as she got it, she ran to their room to wake him up.  She put the caterpillar in his face then after he jumped and moved away.  She continued to chase him while he ran away from it.