Thursday, February 27, 2014

Buddha is a teddy bear

Buddha has been attending to preschool twice a week.  We just got this email from his teacher:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. :
Buddha is continuing to grow and blossom in our classroom! Each day, he is becoming more verbal and is learning to speak more words such as "car", "here", and "bye." He also remembers almost all of the words and hand motions to the songs we sing during circle time and chapel.
Buddha is very affectionate as well and he uses his hands gently with his friends. On Tuesday afternoon, I noticed he was chasing one of his friends while they were playing on the patio. When Buddha caught up to his friend, he gave him a friendly hug and kiss on the head. We are very blessed to have such a sweet boy in our class.
Have a great afternoon!
Ms. <Insert teacher's name here>

At least he is not pushing his classmates right?  

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday' relieve with Buddha

Today seemed to be dragging.  I figured you may be feeling the same way.  So here are some entertaining pics of my little buddha

1. His strange eating habits
Fell asleep eating breakfast

Using a strainer as a spoon

Refusing to use his hands

2. Him acting like a girl

Brushing his sister's hair

Wearing my necklace

3. The little musician

4. His facial expressions