Monday, March 31, 2014

Buddha is a strange one :D

Over the weekend, I went to San Fran with the girls.  I had to get some toys for the kids.  I found a punching glove attached to a stick.  I am that mother who gets weapons for my kids :D  

Here are some pics of Buddha acting strange.  Top left: Buddha wearing his sisters boots while we wait for her at the hula studio.  He is eating cookies on top of the hood of my car.  Bottom Left: Eating puff pastry with some whipped cream.  Top Right: He applied some of my make by himself. Middle Right: Another makeup pic.  Bottom Right: Buddha trying to wink.

This weekend was fun, we had a play date with some of my friends.  While the kids were playing outside, Buddha would take off his pants and diaper, then run inside to get a new diaper.  This happened about 3 times.  I wonder how many diapers I will find in the back yard.  

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