Friday, April 26, 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Strike a Pose

I got these pictures over text message yesterday.  Keep in mind, my kid is just 4.  I'm so not looking forward to the teenage years.

Of course Buddha couldn't be left out

and Now Grandpa with his new hair cut.....he reminds me of a potato.  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Late night convos

A:  yup
good luck with that one, i'm going to bed :D
you should too
 me:  iti s only 10
and i had a cinnabon
need ot burn it off
 A:  hahaha
why are the only people that send me messages on OKCupid illiterate?
 me:  WHAT
ok cuipd?
 A:  good night Joy :D
 me:  out of all sites
 A:  whatever, it's free
i'm cheap
 me:  doesi t have a chubby baby on it
kinda looking like nathan
 A:  uh...don't think so
 me:  ok free should say something
= illiterate
 A:  do you remember "insert name here"?
 me:  duh
you friend right?
with the two kids?
 A:  was yeah
 me:  what ever you know
what i mean
 A:  she just gave birth to a baby girl who's bigger then both of her kids together
now THAT's a buddah baby
 A:  c section
 me:  it is making my skin crawl
I hope you are picturing this
me rocking back and forth
I hurt for her
 A:  this kid is HUGE
like she posted pics on facebook and the kid is a ball
like a great big hamster with ginormous cheeks and head the size of a watermelon
it's insane
 me:  holy shit
i thought Buddha was fat
 A:  Buddha looks like a ballerina by comparison
no way.
 me:  and that kid is FAT
 Anna:  he's pleasantly plump, quit making fun of him
 me:  he is heavy and thick
 A:  lol
 me:  dude
you hold him
than tell me
 A:  lol
 me:  you want to bit him
and your arm dies in the process
If he is able to knock you down
when he runs to you
the kid is fat
Especially he is short
 A:  he'll be a sumo wrestler
 A:  we need to get him that diaper thong thing they wear
 me:  he wears it now
aka a diaper
 A:  but it's not the same on the butt
 me:  and if had him wear a thong
i will find poop everywhere
 A:  hahhahahahahhaha
NOT like a Sumo, I'd imagine
 me:  just saying
he does stand like those guys
 A:  teach him
anyways, we're now on the subject of poop, which means I need to go to bed
 me:  no way
i'm fat - bad idea
 A:  lol
 me:  hahaha
 A:  or it's genius
 me:  i may have to post this convo
 A:  i can only imagine what my dreams will be now
 me:  if it is so genius
he will wear it at your place
and we will see
 A:  no I meant having you teach him the stance
 me:  ><
 A:  while I videotape you
 me:  perv and you are not slick enough to do it
you would laugh
 A:  true
 me:  go to sleep
 A:  good night :D
 me:  now i'm picturing poop all over
you suck
 A:  :D

Monday, April 15, 2013

The strangeness of my son

I was trying to clear out some space on my phone and I realized I never posted these picture.  My kid is strange one.

Impromptu stroller.  He would not sit in the cart.

No idea what he was doing

Tell this kid, make a face and this is what he does

He was in timeout for throwing poker chips everywhere.  As soon as he saw my phone pointed at him, he does that.

Him wearing daddy's shoes

He fell while he was trying to walk.  I 
just laughed at him.  You can't show weakness or they will take over.

His version of low riders.

He is like a little man.  You know when he is about to pass out when he sits like this in the car.

Not liking the merry-go-round

Hmmm Ice cream cone

And finally, two videos I took last night.  He LOVES the meow mix commercial. We had to listen to it multiple times last night.  

Friday, April 12, 2013

By Request

It was requested to post these videos.......Diva playing piano.  She started lessons 3 months ago.

This was take a couple of weeks ago. Here are a few more from last night. These are the ones she is currently playing

 At least it is not hot cross buns or Row, row, row your boat

 This one, I wanted to see how much she is able
to read the notes. I'm trying to take this video while pointing to the notes.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


For some reason, my conversations with my friends and family always turned into food or food references...Here is a great example.  I have a bad habit of sharing funny conversations with the other people I chat during the day.  I have to share the entertainment :D

Background: The other half had a free lunch at work and he debating what to pick.  

@ 11:00 this morning
Other Half:  i should have brang cash
even though the lunches are free
we only have 1 choice of the food trucks
me:  that sucks
Other Half:  so theres 3 trucks
the other is a desert truck
which we get
and there other is a taco truck and   taco
me:  two tacos trucks?
Other Half:  no
one bbq
and one taco
me:  do the bbq
Other Half:  i have to choose between the 2
or this
im gonna get me a hot link
Other Half:  im going to take money out and get both
me:  ok
Other Half:  sucks we can only choose one
me:  yes it does

Of course I had to relay the conversation to one of my friends.  The conversation to branch out even more.
@ 11:10   
A:  man, that's funny
decisions decisions
i had a lunch training session and they got us jimmy johns
A:  they started doing it way more often then before
like we never used to get food unless it was a quarterly meeting or the insurance people were here
now it's like every week
me:  hahaha
A:  yep
 me:  or feeding you to cook you later 
like hazel and gretel
A:  hanzel
hazel and gretel sound like an old german lesbian couple

Back to the Other Half chat window
Other Half:  I have a peanut butter cup cupcake
did you want half of it
me:  sure
 Sent at 12:14 PM on Thursday

I had to tell my friend :D  
me:  Other Half:  I have a peanut butter cup cupcake
did you want half of it
Sent at 12:09 PM on Thursday
me:  sure
i guess it is good he is sharing
A:  awww, that's kind of sweet.
it also sounds like grade school 
wanna trade it for a pudding cup?

Back to the Other's half's convo
Other Half:  Nevermind
I ate it all
Well I have a quarter cupcake left
me:  Fatty

Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend of Macarons

This weekend I had to make 300 Macarons!!!!!  Some (really more than 1/2) did not come out well.  I should have known not to even try to bake based on how my day was going.  It was one of those days where it wasn't a bad day but stupid stuff kept happening like IM'ing the wrong co-worker and finding out the macaron request was actually not for Tuesday night but for Saturday afternoon (keep in mind I found out Friday afternoon while I was at work).  Since the macarons did not come out, I had to try again to see if I could make them.  Since I was just experimenting, I made some into different shapes like bears, bunnies, and mustaches.  I couldn't resist putting the mustache on the kids.  

He just looks angry