Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Birthday my little Buddha

My little BUDDHA is 2
(really yesterday he turned 2 at around 2 pm)

I got him a cake but the stinking kid would not sit still for a pic.  I never saw a kit so excited when he saw this one.

He had his 2 year old check...want to guess what his growth is measured at?
(Answers below)

You will notice, this kid hates pants.


 He also likes wearing our shoes (him wearing mine)

Diva had to get in there with my other pair.  Again no pants (nudist :D)

His Growth Chart
Height: from 14% to 19%
Weight: from 44% to 76% (BUDDHA)

He is about 30lbs while his 4 1/2 sister is 32 lbs......SQUISHY!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I shouldn't think it was funny but I do

We went The bro's band concert and the kids were insane like always.  I couldn't take it so I took them outside.  During the intermission the kids were running around in front of the school.  Next think I know....BANG and screaming.  What to guess what happened?  See pic below

She ran straight into a pole, not a small one but a quite large one.  Since it is me, I had no sympathy and I had to laugh at her.  The funny part, some other parents started to laugh too.  She cried for a second then she was fine as soon as I told her I would get her a milk shake.

When my parents saw, they started to crack up uncontrollably :D It is good think she has a sense on humor  (thanks to me - a lot of pointing and laughing at her). 

Her humor came out when we were walking to the car and she would say..ouch, ouch, ouch and then giggled.  Later in the car, she busted out with "Ewwww, what is that funky smell" then giggled - someone farted :D 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eventful weekend

It was a busy weekend.  The picture above is me caving in and letting Buddha opening a gift early.  The weekend started with Diva's first piano recital.  I had to take a video of it. 

She even got a trophy.....and so it begins :D  (There are a few of you knows wheat I mean)

I think she is the smallest yet again

 So this next video is my birthday gift for Buddha....A Inflatable SUMO Game


This picture was when Buddha was eating a mochi I made.

Him watching me making the ice cream for the mochi
I thought he was going to try to lick the bowl.

And finally, fun with GP's hat
The other half has transformed my DAD!

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Grandparents adventures

I love having my parents living with us.  The best part is some of the interesting stories I would be sent while I'm at work.  Here are a few I haven't had the chance to share:

 The Ghetto Stroller
The Grandparents didn't have a stroller with them and Buddha is heavy.  This is their workaround:

The grandparents let them loose on this thing.  The funny part, Buddha was too short so he put one foot on top of another hoping he could reach the pedels (I guess he was successful)


 We went to the petting zoo with G.  Buddha has no fear especially with animals.

BTW he pulled one of the goats tails

Diva is extremely bossy and she make a little bed and asked G to sleep the say way she was.  See picture below:
G refused...her reason:
It is like sleeping in a coffin

Speaking of coffins
My parents and the kids went to a funeral (I couldn't because of work).  I guess Buddha was running around the cemetery and as soon as the the casket was going to be lowered, he stopped running and walked up to the casket.  He put his hand on it like the priest did.  When the priest kneeled down, he did the same thing next to the priest.  GP thought he was going to jump into the hole while G through he was going to look into the casket. 

Today's story:
Over the weekend, my parents said there was a rat in the garage.  A large rat.  Of course The other Half questioned them. 
On Friday
The other Half: are you sure it is not a possum?
GP: no it is a rat, a very large rat
The other half decided to lure out the rat by using a sticky pad and a cookie.  We started laughing because we figured the rat was smarter than him and would just take the cookie.  On Sat, we cleaned out the garage hoping the rat will go away.  In the process of cleaning, want to guess who found the trap?  Buddha (I think he wanted the cookie) and The other Half.  The rat wins this battle.  We thought it ran away until I got a text this morning stating:
Buddha saw the rat he wants to grab it and he get mad to my aunt cause she tries to hid it
Translation: he saw it, tried to get it but my aunt blocked him. 
The next message I got:
Yes, in the Garage cause we will go to get Cinnabon in the mall
Translation: We saw it in the garage as we were on the way to the mall for cinnabon (maybe?)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

OH the other Half

OMG my husband is usless.  He is filling out a questionar for a job where I work (I know bad idea)

What he tells me:
The Other Half: none of these apply to me
Which word would your best friend use to describe you?

My intrepretation
trustworthy - nope, he never tells you the whole truth
happy - have you met him - he doesn't talk, smile, and picks on everybody
friendly - the boy doesn't talk  
creative - no original through unless it is when an infomercial is on and he claims he should have pattern or invented that
honest- he lies 
driven - it took him way too long to graduate to be driven 
loyal - sure he is too lazy to quit and find new jobs 
successful - that is questionable
funny - again the boy doesn't talk or smile