Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Birthday to my Little Man

My Little Man is 3!!! 

He looks innocent in the pictures but you have no idea.  

What to guess what happened in the picture below?
Buddha decided to fall out of this window.  He stood on the back of my love seat.  The window was open since it was a hot day then he pushed the screen.  Out he went and fell on the patio.  Don't worry he wasn't hurt.  He thought it was funny and he tried to do it again.  Diva on the other hand freaked out.  She ran and hid (I think she thought she was in trouble since she was in charge)

What about this picture?

This is my laptop, the Buddha decided to stop on it and broke my screen.  

Both incidents happened within 12 hours.  I'm scared once he gets into school.  I may be called into the principle office on a daily basis.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tahitian and Hula show - May day

Lets play a game:
find me :D

Here are some videos from our May day (a northern California polyesian event).  I just dance in Tahitian this time.

Here is a video of the little diva.  Could you find her?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sometimes it is just not worth it

A conversation today with one of my friends questioned if somethings are just worth it.
Here is the conversation for your entertainment:

My Friend:  That's it
no more lean cuisines
I got my amazon GC
that took a LONG time
me:  damn and wait did soemone else steal on of your lean cuisine
and amazon gc?
My Friend:  haha, no, there are codes on the boxes and if you collect enough you can cash it in for a gc, I finally had enough points for a gc
me:  ?
My Friend:  the lean cuisine boxes
me:  omg
My Friend:  yeah
me:  that is why you have been eating the damn things
My Friend:  lol
me:  omg
no comment
My Friend:  well, part that and part because they're cheap
me:  how much is the GC?
My Friend:  it's sad.....only $15
me:  and how many did you have to eat to get to 15?
My Friend:  lol
i don't know....a lot
me:  truthfully
how many?
My Friend:  let's see....
so so so so sad
about 80
me:  hahahahahahahahahahaahhhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahha
My Friend:  lol
me:  for a 15 dollar gift card
My Friend:  whatever, it was convenient. for $15 they got brand loyalty
which is like 18 cents a box
for picking that box instead of another brand
it's done.
me:  you know what amazes me, you saving all of the codes
so how long did this take you?
wait lets do the math on this one
My Friend:  oh a really long time
i think i started several years ago
i don't buy lean cuisines often
just when I don't feel like
so...more so recently
 me:  if you ate it everyday 80/5 days aweek = 16 weeks
My Friend:  right
4 months
a third of a year
me:  man how is your sodium
My Friend:  lol
i also drink a TON of water though
but you have a valid point
now i have to start cooking.
me:  just saying b/c most likely it is at least 500 mg of salt
My Friend:  yeah, but stuff you cook yourself isn't that much lower in sodium
i dump a bunch of soy into all my stir fries
me:  that is your fault
My Friend:  that and fish sauce
me:  i get the low sodium salt
My Friend:  and actual salt
me:  ewwwww
My Friend:  well, i don't mean in the stir fry
me:  i don't even use both soy and fish sauce
My Friend:  i'm just saying in general
i use all those things
me:  SICK i tell you
My Friend:  lollike you're any better
if there's no salt in it, it has no flavor!
me:  what
i use salt
just sparingly
My Friend:  ha
me:  what I do
My Friend:  you used to eat spam for god's sake
spam is like a semi-meaty salt block
My Friend:  lol
me:  what there is one like that
me:  no wonder you always have to go to the have to drink enough water to balance out the canister of salt you inhaled in a dang lean cuisine

My Friend: so, now that you got me paranoid about this
 me ?
 My Friend:  i was hungry, so I went to the vending machine for a snack
i thought I'd be good and get sun chips instead of something really greasy
and guess what.
320mg of sodium.
 me u got nothign/
go to 7-11 and get fruit
 My Friend:  fruit is full of sugar!
nothing is safe!
and I hate celery
so, i'm going say that if a small pizza has double the sodium of a small bag of chips, then i'd rather have the pizza!
 me exactly..choices but don't eat something that says it is healthy and obviously is not

Monday, March 31, 2014

Buddha is a strange one :D

Over the weekend, I went to San Fran with the girls.  I had to get some toys for the kids.  I found a punching glove attached to a stick.  I am that mother who gets weapons for my kids :D  

Here are some pics of Buddha acting strange.  Top left: Buddha wearing his sisters boots while we wait for her at the hula studio.  He is eating cookies on top of the hood of my car.  Bottom Left: Eating puff pastry with some whipped cream.  Top Right: He applied some of my make by himself. Middle Right: Another makeup pic.  Bottom Right: Buddha trying to wink.

This weekend was fun, we had a play date with some of my friends.  While the kids were playing outside, Buddha would take off his pants and diaper, then run inside to get a new diaper.  This happened about 3 times.  I wonder how many diapers I will find in the back yard.  

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It is all about DIVA


Happy Hump day.  I needed some entertainment today.  
This is a pic from last December and the videos were from this last weekend.

Julia dancing thinikling in her school's cultural show.

And her teaching papa karate

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The kids new bed

J/K but this is how I found them after work one day.  Eating a biscuit, chicken nuggets, and a mango under one of our trees.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Flying Diva

I'm trying to catch up on the photos I have been wanted to post since November :D

Here is one of Diva during winter break.  I am waiting for this child to break an arm.

This is the affect of having Gak for 1/2 a day and it took 1/2 an hour in the shower getting it all out without chopping her hair.