Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh how Ghetto he is

Today's post is all about the other half:
Background story: Vizcarra's phone died 2 days ago.  It would vibrate, turn off, and then turn on.  So he decided to start taking it apart to see if the power button was stuck.  He may have ripped off this antenna but his wifi stopped working a long time ago.  So he started to look for a new phone.  The boy things he wants a iphone but I do not think it is a good idea knowing the amount of times he lost his phones or broke them.  My dad gave him his old iphone, vizcarra whined that it was not 4G but whatever.  Last night he submitted the request to unlock the phone.  Here is the conversation this morning:
Other Half:  the unlock has been approve
now i just have to restore the device
but i dont have a cable
me:  you are just doomed
Other Half:  im gonna try to cut my sim card to size
me:  omg
Other Half:  you think this place would have a connector for the ipod, iphone
me:  it might - go hunting
Other Half:  got one
so ghetto
me:  yup
Other Half:  success!!!!
me:  you ghetto
Other Half:  i got the sim card to fit
me:  shaking head
Other Half:  does your dad need these songs or is it back up
me:  prob not
Other Half:  oh ok
Other Half:  how do you put the songs in the computer i cant find it
me:  itunes
Other Half:  i am on itunes, oh it has it already - nevermind
Other Half:  stupid restore its taking forever

Background story:
so the other half started today to ride my bike to work.  He spray painted it black b/c it was pink and silver and even put lights
So this is the conversation he sends me:
The other half:  my butt took a pounding
got here at 715
me:  i figured how long did it take u
that isnt bad
The other half:  about 45-1 hour
me:  oh yeah
The other half:  can you go to this fancy pants store and pick me up this seat
b17 black
The other half: i felt violated after finishing that ride
I told my friend this converstation and here is her response:
Friend:  you need padded pants
in fact the longer the ride the worse a cushy seat will be
a hard seat bruises, but a soft one will chafe and blister
and eventually your muscles stop bruising, so a hard seat is actually better
but I love the padded bike pants I bought
without them I wouldn't walk after the 53 mile ride for at least a week
with them my butt regained feeling after just a few hours