Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why I don`t work from home

So I got stuck working from home yesterday to watch the Buddha while the parents has a slew of doctor appointments.  You would think I would like working from home not me.  I could do it once in a while but when I'm busy with a project I refuse to work from home.  The reason:

I was trying to respond to emails thinking he was busy watching TV.  He walked up to me - I was thinking, he just wants to sit by me - instead he slammed my laptop screen on my hands and walked away. Later he walked to an orchid at my house, looked at me side ways and then looked back at the orchid.  He was about to snatch a flower when I yelled at him not to - he jumped and ran.  I couldn't help laugh at him.  I tried to find stuff to keep him occupied - crayons, TV, and Lego's.  Instead of building something he was dropping the pieces into his cup of milk and spazed out when I took the milk away.  So I took a large container, filled it with water, and he promptly put all his toys in it. 

When he got tired, he start to demand for milk.  As I was trying to get him to sleep, Buddha would pinch me as he drank his milk.  The worse part, pinch my underarm where the most fat is.  He has this strange habit of holding our ears when he is drinking his milk.  If you remove his hand, he will aggressively get a hold of it again or another body part (the ear is the least painful one). 

Since I was working from home, I was able to to go my friend's house as she needed subjects to practice taking pictures of children.  I volunteered Buddha (to think I thought he would do good for once).  LIES.  I felt so bad for her because you could not make him do anything.  I did find interesting that he was interested in my friends daughter (she was about 6 months).  It was kinda cute.  He would show her a bear and waved it around as if he was trying to entertain her.  He would not go anywhere without her (if you are thinking, no more kids more me).  It was strange and cute - he was not agreesive or a bully. 

I was planning on taking the kids to a movie at the park but it started way too late for the kids so we took them to miniture golf. 

Good for Diva, bad for Buddha

Giving him a golf club = weapon

He was pissed that we wouldn't give him the adult club but the kid one

Diva's strange swing (she was mainly dragging the ball across the course and would get mad when I told her that she was cheating.

Buddha crying again because we took the club away - why?
He hurt himself and got a black eye with the other half's club

We couldn't take it anymore and he got it back - the club was taller than him.
At each course where there was a bridge or door, he would go up to the door and stick his hand in.  I was waiting to hear crying when a door would it close on his arm. 

At one point, both kids were at a drawbridge one and Diva messed it with it and we heard a huge bang.  We thought she broke it but out came 5 other golf balls that was stuck.  We were able to play another set and even took 8 golf balls home (we did start with 4).  If we go again, it would have to be with no one else around since both would run into other peoples games. 

My highlight was when my friend shared the pictures she took - I loved them. 

Always the diva

The only picture she was able to get Buddha to smile.
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