Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I shouldn't think it was funny but I do

We went The bro's band concert and the kids were insane like always.  I couldn't take it so I took them outside.  During the intermission the kids were running around in front of the school.  Next think I know....BANG and screaming.  What to guess what happened?  See pic below

She ran straight into a pole, not a small one but a quite large one.  Since it is me, I had no sympathy and I had to laugh at her.  The funny part, some other parents started to laugh too.  She cried for a second then she was fine as soon as I told her I would get her a milk shake.

When my parents saw, they started to crack up uncontrollably :D It is good think she has a sense on humor  (thanks to me - a lot of pointing and laughing at her). 

Her humor came out when we were walking to the car and she would say..ouch, ouch, ouch and then giggled.  Later in the car, she busted out with "Ewwww, what is that funky smell" then giggled - someone farted :D 

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