Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend of Macarons

This weekend I had to make 300 Macarons!!!!!  Some (really more than 1/2) did not come out well.  I should have known not to even try to bake based on how my day was going.  It was one of those days where it wasn't a bad day but stupid stuff kept happening like IM'ing the wrong co-worker and finding out the macaron request was actually not for Tuesday night but for Saturday afternoon (keep in mind I found out Friday afternoon while I was at work).  Since the macarons did not come out, I had to try again to see if I could make them.  Since I was just experimenting, I made some into different shapes like bears, bunnies, and mustaches.  I couldn't resist putting the mustache on the kids.  

He just looks angry


  1. Hahaa!! Where's YOUR 'stache? =)
    Miss you all...

  2. As long as it tastes good, any shape will do.... hope everything turned out well after all your 'misadventures' :-) how are you doing? we miss you guys...