Thursday, April 11, 2013


For some reason, my conversations with my friends and family always turned into food or food references...Here is a great example.  I have a bad habit of sharing funny conversations with the other people I chat during the day.  I have to share the entertainment :D

Background: The other half had a free lunch at work and he debating what to pick.  

@ 11:00 this morning
Other Half:  i should have brang cash
even though the lunches are free
we only have 1 choice of the food trucks
me:  that sucks
Other Half:  so theres 3 trucks
the other is a desert truck
which we get
and there other is a taco truck and   taco
me:  two tacos trucks?
Other Half:  no
one bbq
and one taco
me:  do the bbq
Other Half:  i have to choose between the 2
or this
im gonna get me a hot link
Other Half:  im going to take money out and get both
me:  ok
Other Half:  sucks we can only choose one
me:  yes it does

Of course I had to relay the conversation to one of my friends.  The conversation to branch out even more.
@ 11:10   
A:  man, that's funny
decisions decisions
i had a lunch training session and they got us jimmy johns
A:  they started doing it way more often then before
like we never used to get food unless it was a quarterly meeting or the insurance people were here
now it's like every week
me:  hahaha
A:  yep
 me:  or feeding you to cook you later 
like hazel and gretel
A:  hanzel
hazel and gretel sound like an old german lesbian couple

Back to the Other Half chat window
Other Half:  I have a peanut butter cup cupcake
did you want half of it
me:  sure
 Sent at 12:14 PM on Thursday

I had to tell my friend :D  
me:  Other Half:  I have a peanut butter cup cupcake
did you want half of it
Sent at 12:09 PM on Thursday
me:  sure
i guess it is good he is sharing
A:  awww, that's kind of sweet.
it also sounds like grade school 
wanna trade it for a pudding cup?

Back to the Other's half's convo
Other Half:  Nevermind
I ate it all
Well I have a quarter cupcake left
me:  Fatty

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