Monday, April 15, 2013

The strangeness of my son

I was trying to clear out some space on my phone and I realized I never posted these picture.  My kid is strange one.

Impromptu stroller.  He would not sit in the cart.

No idea what he was doing

Tell this kid, make a face and this is what he does

He was in timeout for throwing poker chips everywhere.  As soon as he saw my phone pointed at him, he does that.

Him wearing daddy's shoes

He fell while he was trying to walk.  I 
just laughed at him.  You can't show weakness or they will take over.

His version of low riders.

He is like a little man.  You know when he is about to pass out when he sits like this in the car.

Not liking the merry-go-round

Hmmm Ice cream cone

And finally, two videos I took last night.  He LOVES the meow mix commercial. We had to listen to it multiple times last night.