Friday, October 11, 2013

Trying to get The Other Half be a Villian

Background: Diva's birthday is coming up and she wants a Superhero party.  I am trying to get the Other Half to be a Villian.  

To the Other half
Me: Look Look
Do you want to be this for Diva's Bday?
so the "superheros" could attack you ;D
Holiday Inspirations Men's Big Foot Costume, , hi-res
The other half:  no
me:  please
I won't bug you for other stuff for the party

I send this conversation to one of my friends

Friend:  That's hilarious
especially since he's short
so it'll be all wrinkly and scrunched up on him
Me:  hahaha
 Friend:  the littlest big foot
 me:  he said no
 Friend:  boo
but I still have the image in my head
 me:  haha
i need an evil character for the kids to attack
 Sent at 11:10 AM on Friday
 Friend:  hmm
do they have Godzilla?
 me:  no idea
 Friend:  hmm
or that freaky kid from Incredibles
mega boy
or something
you can have The Other Half dress as him
he was short...and it involves TIGHTS!!!

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