Monday, October 21, 2013

Mine and Diva's Hula Recital

Over the weekend, Diva and I were in a dance recital (yes I dance :D).  As part of getting ready for the show, our hair had to be big.  Mine, not a big deal but Diva is a bit tough.  I had to braid her hair the night before.

Order of show :D
**Update I uploaded the videos from the photographer.  So much better the "other half"**
Diva in "Sophisticated Hula"
Me in "All my Life" 
See if you could find me :D

Diva in "E Lei Ka Lei Lei"

Me in "A Ho'e o To'u Nuna'a"
Diva waving goodbye
Me in "Praise him Island Style"
 Roll call (our pics are somewhere in there) 

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  1. wowww.. as mom as daughter.. :D u r so talented.. Keep it up..both of u.. :):)