Thursday, July 18, 2013

Diva and her Activities

This summer, I am keeping Diva pretty busy since she is not in school.  Instead of doing nothing all day, I have her in an activity almost everyday.
Monday: was her old ballet/tap class (which just ended this week) and piano lessons
Tuesday: Hip hop/Jazz/ Tap class
Wednesday: Swim
Thursday: Karate
Saturaday: Tennis

If this child becomes bored, she turns descructive so I run around taking her to all these places.  Buddha also has some activities: general sports class, swim, and dance but not as much.

Yesterday was Diva's dance recital and her recital pictures.

Dancing Diva

Here are some pic GM took at their recital picture session.  There is actually 6 girls in her dance class.

Here are some pictures right before her recital.  She loves standing like this.  I don't know why.

We couldn't take a video at her actual recital but this is during the rehearsal (she did better at the rehearsal).  Want to guess which one she is. 

Fighting Diva

The other side of Diva - the fighting side.
Diva in her karate class

Her in Action

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