Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What kids to Open Gifts

The Diva drove us crazy for the weeks before Christmas.

  1. Acting up
  2. Talking back
  3. Demanding stuff every time we would go shopping for other people
  4. And reasoning out (tricking) her grandmother
This is a discussion between Diva and Grandma:

G: You can't have these toys, they are for Christmas. I need to wrap them.
D: But Personally I don't think they are Christmas presents

Want to guess what happened next.....
She got the toys

Another conversion between Diva and her Grandmother.  This child has learned to lie.
She was watching a video and this came out of her mouth
D: Gamn it
G: What did you say?  (keep in mind, she said Damn it already and Grandma threatened to punish her)
D: I didn't say anything
G: Yes you did, what did you say
D: It is the name of the movie

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