Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Communication on IM

More Entertainment From my Other half

Back Story: Some one I know likes to rename certain to things and if you don't remember what it is, the conversation becomes very confusing and strange.  

Here is my conversation with my Other Half in IM

Other Half:  i found some huge pokemons
this guy had a tree
 me:  dude
Other Half:  and gave them away
 me:  really
send it my way
Other Half:  So i took 3
 me:  tell him i'll bake him a cake
Other Half:  did you want me to take the rest
how are you going to make a cake
 me:  like apples
dude i thought you meant you actually found stuffed animals of the pokemons...not Persimmons (I actually was referring to the first two lines)
Other Half:  sorry i only caught 3
they rest were found and taken away
 me:  dang
He then had to send me a pic with the message "Look I caught one"

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